Honing The Craft

At Highway 21, our passion for motorcycle culture fuels every decision we make. And we understand that sometimes, the most challenging roads to ride can also be the most rewarding. In our documentary short Honing the Craft, we sit down with creators, makers, and riders from various industries to explore the power that comes from creating with intent. It’s a look at what it takes to seek the endless pursuit of perfection and the authentic joys the journey provides. More than just business, it’s a lifestyle — and it’s everything we stand for. Come, ride with us.

The Highway 21 Difference

Quality control is never ending. Not only does inspection take place at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process but it continues once the products have landed in our facilities. Checking size charts, logo placement, and all other details are just part of the receiving process to ensure they meet our high standards. Here are just a few examples.


Highway 21 goes to great lengths to use only the very best manufacturing facilities. And the machinery that helps assemble our products? Constantly being updated. Our rock solid commitment to precision and durability requires multiple quality checkpoints during the manufacturing process but doesn't stop there. Once the products have landed in our shipping facility they're checked again to make certain that nothing goes out the door that hasn't earned the Highway 21 label.


For the majority of Highway 21 products it all starts with the leather. So we searched the globe for the very best leather available and, in doing so, found out that hide is what matters most. After scrutinizing dozens upon dozens of tanneries, we found what we were looking for - fully drum-dyed 3 to 4 ounce hides. These hides absorb color more deeply and stand up to more thorough conditioning. The result is leather that, not only will last a lifetime, but will gain texture and beauty as it ages.


They say it's what's on the inside that counts, and what's inside Highway 21 jackets is Hydraguard - a durable, breathable, windproof and waterproof protective membrane. This tough, yet soft and porous, membrane allows body moisture to evaporate while at the same time blocking wind and moisture. So no matter how extreme the conditions in which you ride, our jackets are up to the challenge.

Concealed Carry

In today’s world safety cannot be stressed enough, both on and off the bike. Highway 21 introduces the CCP (Concealed Carry Pocket) for those of us who have taken the proper legal process to obtain a concealed carry permit. This very large pocket features an assistant barrel band, and a Velcro® backing for use with a hook side Velcro holster. It will accommodate even those who choose to carry a full size option and has a closure snap for security. If or when it matters we have the perfect pocket for personal protection.

CE Protection

We are riders at Highway 21 and spend as much time cruising asphalt as anyone. That’s why when it comes to safety we choose to support all of our products with the finest of C E protection. America has adopted two European standards covering "motorcyclists' protective clothing against mechanical impact" - EN1621-1 and EN1621-2. EN1621-1 covers any body part protection except back/spine. EN1621-2 covers back/spine. Both standards assess the performance of protective devices by measuring the force transmitted through it when impacted by a falling mass. We never take a shortcut when it comes to armor, protection is always our priority. Bottom line if or when you wreck there is nothing better than C E protection. Always ride safe, always ride prepared.

Why Ride Highway 21?

At Highway 21 we live this brand. Our values and beliefs are represented in how we live our lives every day.

  • Handcrafted


    It’s not just one thing its everything that it takes to achieve perfection, no styling detail is too small, and no aspect of safety will be overlooked.

  • Authentic


    We search the globe for the foremost in premium materials, scrutinizing each detail for quality, strength, functionality, longevity.

  • Passion


    We pride ourselves in being enthusiasts of two wheels and will never stop turning those wheels to provide riders with new innovative technology in timeless style.

  • Determined


    Highway 21 is more than just a name or pavement that twists and rolls through the Rocky Mountains. It’s an insight into the eye of a craftsman, it’s the hard work, the sweat, and the blood that it takes to build true character.